10 years on the market


Pratex Company is a producer of ceramic anilox rollers and anilox sleeves. In our production line, our company uses Praxair ™ equipment and supplies. All products produced using high-quality steel and Cr2O3 ceramic coating. In our disposal we have 2 engravers of CO2 , and Fiber laser which ensure ultra-high quality of cell formation. Utilization of modern equipment for spraying and laser engraving in production of rollers and sleeves ensures the following advantages: maximum long-term operation; high-quality cell formation; optimized ink transfer; Longer intervals between cleaning of rolls; Lower level of ink splashWe produce rolls and sleeves with dimensions in length of up to 3000 mm, and screen counts from 40 l/sm to 400 l/sm. "Pratex" company also provides restoration services for rolls and sleeves, which were manufactured by our or any other company.

Dear Colleagues,

Our company – is a product of effort of dedicated team, which daily produces sophisticated product of highest quality for our clients. In a few years, we have gone a long path from attempts in thermal spray coatings to full scale production of anilox rolls, where two technologies are united: thermal spray ceramic coating and laser technology. We were able to create a full production line from steel works to the final process of laser engraving. Utilizing latest developments in technology, we attempt to be always on the edge of available technology. Our latest introduction of fiber-optic laser for high screen counts is just a confirmation of our policy. At this time, I hope, we have achieved a perfect balance of utilizing technologies from top producers and our own developments. This is all for you our Cliens – combination of highest quality with optimal price and this is a priority.