10 years on the market


Proffing press "Print-View" is designed for applying flexographic ink for any type of printing material without using press device.
«Print-view» allows to get proofing samples and manage colors as in the case of using flexographic printing press.
For "Print view" purchase, please, contact the Sales department.

Device delivers the following:
- ink pigmentation level
- receptivity of printing material
- ink adhesion to the material

Main advantages:
- easy handling
- quality print
- immediate results
- avoidance of flaws inprinting run
Pratex Company is a producer of sophisticated anilox rollers and anilox sleeves. In our production line, our company uses Praxair ™ equipment and supplies. All products produced using high-quality steel and Cr2O3 ceramic coating. In our disposal we have 2 engravers of CO2 , and Fiber laser which ensure ultra-high quality of cell formation. Utilization of modern equipment for spraying and laser engraving in production of rollers and sleeves ensures the following advantages: maximum long-term operation; high-quality cell formation; optimized ink transfer; Longer intervals between cleaning of rolls; Lower level of ink splashWe produce rolls and sleeves with dimensions in length of up to 3000 mm, and screen counts from 40 l/sm to 400 l/sm. "Pratex" company also provides restoration services for rolls and sleeves, which were manufactured by our or any other company.
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